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Yes, you can go swimming with a wig. When swimming, we suggest to wear a swimming cap. Otherwise, the Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair/wig to tangle and mat up. After swimming, it is best to shampoo and condition your hair immediately.

reat you wig like your own hair. Please confirm with your stylist that all styling products (including shampoo and conditioner) that you use are OK.

Wash you hair/wig with WARM water (about 95℉) a time every 2-4 weeks,If you wear it more seldom than that, wash it once monthly. Never use hot water or cold water when washing.
Don’t apply the shampoo and conditioner directly to the wig cap lace. Don’t apply shampoo or conditioner too close to the hair roots.
Never twist or rub your hair/wig vigorously while washing
Always rinse the hair with the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid matting and tangles.
You can condition your hair every couple weeks or so, to keep it shiny and soft.Make sure you don't do that every day.

If you would like to store your wig, make sure that your wig is washed and totally dry.
Put your wig on a wig stand/mannequin head. The stand will help keep its shape.
  Do not apply any product when your hair/wig is not in use.
Have two wigs ready to wear at all times.This helps to extend the life of each of your wigs too.

DON'T sleep on wet hair/wig. Make sure that your hair/wigs completely dry when you go to sleep.
Please bond the hair with hair band we sent when sleeping, it will avoid tangling or shapes-changing.

Gently squeeze the water out after washing
Never twist or rub your hair/wig vigorously while drying.
Allow the hair/wig to air dry on a wig stand out of direct sunlight. Do not brush the hair/wig while it is wet, as this can damage the hair.
To avoid stretching the cap, never place a wet wig on a mannequin or Styrofoam head.A folding wig stands make the best drying platforms.
Blow dry the wig on your head if you are in a hurry.Please blow it to 80% dry, the keep the rest 20% to air dry.

When you dye the hair/wig with bleach powder, please control the time within 5 minutes.
If you dye it with dye cream, please control the time be within 20 minutes.
It is better to avoid heat. Heat is one of your hair's biggest enemy, the more you use it, the shorter your hair/wig will last. Be careful with the use of blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

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