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Wig in the video: 


Today we are going to be doing a new hairstyle with Ooh hair.

This is the wig. It came with a bang and a band for the wig.

This one has invisible knotting method so it's only like 1 to 2 strings tied to an eye that way the knots are not as visible as most wigs.

This is the color inside the wig cap and it has a fake scalp. They made it like that so you wouldn't even have to wear a wig cap or anything like that or and you don't you have to pluck the wig if you don’t want to.

I think this wig was really made good for beginners like me because I don't know what I'm doing most of the time. I hate wearing wig caps to be honest so I think this wig was literally made for anybody who's trying wigs for the first time. So I recommend you to shop there.

This wig is 13 x 6 lace front wig. The band is removable which makes it easy to wear. This hair is also 100% human virgin hair and is really soft. I haven't brushed the hair and it's pretty tangle free already.

And the bang. I do want to try to make my own bangs but I'm going to thin this out more so it looks like I made the bangs on the wig. The bang is easy to clip on and off.


A lot of you guys asked me how to get affordable wigs. Honestly most hair I have get sent to me but I do know this company is on the more portable side especially for invisible knot.

I didn't even put on a wig cap on and none of my black hair is showing through here.



I'm not even lying to you guys when I say this was the easiest wig to apply on my head. We skip the wig cap process which I personally hate because it takes forever.


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