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Wig in the video:

Transparent 13x6 straight lace front wig in 20 inches


I'm so happy that this wig came with an elastic band because most wigs don't come with that  so you had to sew your own so I was really happy about it. This was my first time to see a wig come with it.


You guys can see how the lace melts right into my skin.


Now right here I'm trying the wig on and this wig is a perfect fit. They do come in different sizes and I had size medium.


Now normally I wouldn't cut my lace off before the glue but right here I'm cutting the lace off and

then I'm gonna put the glue on afterwards because I want to cut in the shape of my hairline so I want to cut it first before I actually glue it down.

And luckily with this frontal it came with a natural looking hairline unlike most ones to come straight across.


I'm going to be applying two layers of glue on my hairline. Once the glue is dry I'm going to carefully place the lace on the glue. Don't worry about the halo looking part that's at the edge of the lace. You're going to be applying some foundation powder over there just to blend that hairline out.


now to get that nice side part look I like to use a razor to create my part.


And take some of the Got2be spray and just apply it on my edges.


And tie my hairline down with my hair wrap and then after that I'm going to flat iron my hair.




so right here I'm going to remove the head wrap and look how laid and slay this came out.



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