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hey guys!

Brunette here. My YouTube channel is the saucy Princess.

Today I’m gonna unbox and try this 13x6 Lace Front Wig from Ooh Hair.

So let's get to the box!



It comes in a purple bag as the first thing I see when I open the box.



The wig looks very soft very shiny which I love!



The 13x6 front lace wig has a pretty deep part which goes all the way back and you can see my fingernail through it which is awesome.

The lace is very very transparent and I love that because when you lay your hair you want the lace to be laid and I know there's different methods but it's easier for me when the lace is like this.



The hairline is pre-plucked and tinted. Usually when I get a lace it's every light and almost like a white but this does have a little bit of color to it which I do appreciate and love.

Inside of the wig it has four clips. Three of them are towards the front in the middle and in the back. It also comes with the bands that I really really love and appreciate. The band's more inside of the wig.

And look how transparent the lace is.



Now let’s install her!

  1. First of all we pop it onand everything looks nice.



  1. Apply theGot2be glue around the hairline.



  1. Take my blow dryer and let this layer dryand go in with Got2be spray. 
  1. Go ahead and apply this wigand blow dry the hairline.
  1. Comb all the hair backand cut the lace back to the hairline. Start from the center and go in a zigzag motio 



And done!

I have no product in his hair and it's 1,000% still really silky but unusually I had to put some oil.



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